What are the benefits of having `Interact` in your school for the subject leader?

All modules have detailed lesson plans that enables music to be taught to a high standard, giving teachers the opportunity to deliver and develop their own exciting and vibrant lessons. This equally applies to teachers who are not music specialists.

You can also train your own staff using `Interact` modules ….


  • All software modules give simple explanations about musical notes, sounds, values, rhythms and melodies
  • Ideas are given about listening and evaluating pieces of music using musical terminology
  • Suggestions on how to integrate musical elements into compositions.
  • Supports your staff to deliver the Music National Curriculum and the International Primary Curriculum in a fun and innovative way
  • Helps raise pupils` interest and attainment
  • The modules encourage pupils to look at new ways of expressing musical ideas through cross – curricular themes and topics
  • Software modules develop teamwork, social and listening skills
  • All resources are included in the package includes: music, video clips, images
  • Supports the transition between EYFS and KS1, KS2 progressing to KS 3 (YEAR 7 )
  • Primary Music Scheme that is an affordable option
  • Once established in your school, the software can be re-used year after year