Learn to play the Guitar like me! part 2part 2

Review from Sam Bonsor Tower Road Academy Boston  

Learn to play the Guitar Part 2 shows progression from the first DVD by introducing new chords and more challenging songs.

The student can play along with the CD when practising duets, or with a partner, giving flexibility if playing alone at home or at school in a group.

The colourful presentation and straight forward instructions help the student to work through the DVD at their own pace and have fun learning new chords and notes at the same time.

A must have for budding guitarists wanting to expand their repertoire.


Wesley the Guitar Bear has been inspiring pupils and teachers for over 20 years


Making Instrumental Music Lessons Affordable for All!

New version: Learn to play the Guitar like me!
Teaching software resource module

Launching 4th November 2015
Cost for DVD £25. Promotion offer £20 ends 18th November 2015


Step by step guidance by Wesley the Guitar Bear to:

  • play E, B and G strings and their notes on your guitar
  • sit correctly when playing
  • explore the different parts on your guitar
  • understand theory and types of notes and their values
  • play solo, groups and whole classes
  • play along with backing tracks and different instruments
  • perform to an audience

Extra tips for teachers and pupils

Software requires Google Chrome

Teach the GUITAR in Schools & home -for parents get involved! Teach yourself and your children

Learn to play the guitar like me

Software requires Google Chrome

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Why was `Learn to play the Guitar like me!` re developed?

This is a cost effective way of giving all pupils the opportunity to learn the guitar in schools and at home


Samantha Bonsor – Head of performing Arts at Tower Road, Academy, Boston

My review: ‘Learn to play the Guitar like me!’ a teaching resource produced by Interact

“This was easy to use for a beginner like me”


  • I liked the colourful slides and the step–by–step guide of the notes
  • The DVD progressed steadily to a final performance
  • The backing tracks were very helpful to play along to and acted as support if I missed out any notes
  • The notation, stave and treble clef are important to teach alongside the practical aspect of learning to play the guitar. This then gives the notation meaning and context (This was clear to understand)
  • The activity cards, notes, values and where to place your fingers on the guitar can be used in conjunction with the DVD to support (these can be printed off)
  • Performance songs can be printed off, this would be a great help to the teacher

Samantha Bonsor and Wesley



I would recommend this DVD for use in Primary Schools also for Year 7 in Secondary Schools. Looking forward to part B!


How I would implement this resource module into a school or club

  • Introduce to a small group at first e.g. 10 pupils
  • Increase the number of pupils as the first group progresses and use them to teach the others
  • You should then have a whole class playing (if you wish)
  • A non specialist teacher or parent could lead this guitar group


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